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Masonry Restoration
From repointing to rebuilding to waterproofing 
Masonry work was the foundation of this company's beginning, and is still at the root of much of what we do. Not the traditional brick laying masons, but the maintenance, restoration and waterproofing of older brick, stone and concrete structures, from house foundations to church steeples. The common goal has always been the same, to prevent water from leaking into the building.
It is that water permeation through the voids of a masonry structure's exterior that leads to an ongoing chain reaction process of deterioration, caused by the 9% that water expands when it freezes.   Learn more about the freeze/ thaw cycle.  

That exterior deterioration is what ultimately leads to water leaks and damage on the interior, a double edged destructive sword. The remedy requires a multi-faceted skillset that involves both the experience to repair the structural masonry component and a thorough understanding of how to seal the entire exterior envelope of the building, to prevent further water infiltration and the recurrence of costly needed repairs.

You can see the pattern, the close relationship between the various services we offer, how one compliments the other and how together, this experience enables us to bridge the gap between the potential sources of trouble you may be having.

 We focus on a fairly narrow range of masonry restoration work:

For the residential customer 
It's mainly chimney repair, rebuilding and waterproofing. Foundation repair and waterproofing, and if the home is brick, exterior facade restoration, repointing and waterproofing.

For the Institutional/ commercial customers
It’s the same nature of work, just on a grander scale, with the restoration and waterproofing of their brick and stone exteriors, including towers and steeples, as well as chimneys and stacks. 
We have a remarkable list of historically significant, local landmark institutions 
That we have helped maintain, preserve, and restore over the years, something we are very proud of and grateful for.
Clients include churches, Schools, hospitals, libraries and many other charitable, nonprofit and Government agencies.

Institutional Facilities Managers, Please note: You can call anytime for a consultation regarding your building's needs. We will almost certainly have a local reference from someone you know and trust in the facilities management field. 
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