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 Services Offered
Basement Waterproofing             Masonry Restoration                      Specialty Roof Repair

​​ Many of our customers utilize us for all these services
Probably due to the fact that the most pervasive water related problems often occur at the transitional points of the structure, where the various building components, as well as the different building trades overlap or intersect.  
This often leaves the consumer in a predicament, not sure who to even call first.

Consider this scenario 
You find a puddle of water on the floor near your chimney in the basement, who do you call? A roofer for the chimney flashing, a mason for the brickwork, a basement waterproofing contractor or a plumber? This is actually a fairly common problem, and the water could in fact be coming from either of those sources. The greater range of experience and diversity a contractor has, the better chance there is of them identifying and correcting the problem in a timely manner.

Our emphasis is mainly on water related issues  
We have developed an uncanny ability to diagnose and rectify water leak related problems wherever they may occur, from roof to basement. We've become very proficient, a contractor with the experience and ability needed to find and fix the problem, without you having to call in more than one company to get the job done.

We are qualified and entrusted to work on the most recognizable, local, historic landmarks 
Including: Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Libraries and other Nonprofit and Government Facilities.

At the same time, we have always proudly served the Residential Market 
Without all those residential customers, we would of never made it to where we are today. 
The acquaintances we’ve made over the years through these associations are quite remarkable.
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