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Specialty in that we only do roof repair 
We do not install new roofs and never have. Specialty also, in that though we've worked on and stoped leaks on countless numbers of regular house roofs over the years, we've also worked on some of the most extraordinry roofs in the area. 
This is also a field of work that is firmly embedded in our roots, and again, the diversity of our experience greatly enhances our ability to diagnose and stop damaging water leaks wherever they may occur. 
The common theme here is our ability to deal with the many different types of problems our customers may experiance, crossing over between the various building trades, bringing those needed unique skills together.

 The scope of our work covers all aspects of roof repair on all types of roofs:

For the residential customer 
That means any and all causes of roof leaks, especially on Slate and Flat Roofs. Also including: asphalt shingled roofs, low pitched roofs, flashings, valleys, dormers, skylights, chimneys, porches, additions, plumbing and air vents.

For the Institutional/ commercial customer
Any and all causes of roof leaks, specializing in Slate and flat roofs. Also including: low pitched roofs, steeples, towers, flashings, valleys, dormers, chimneys, parapets, plumbing and air vents, mechanical equipment breaches and curbs.

All types of roof construction and materials; including Slate, asphalt shingle, rolled roofing, single-ply, rubber, built-up, asphalt coated, clay tile and metal.

Also the maintenance and repair of all storm water handling equipment (gutters and leaders).

We have a remarkable list of historically significant, local landmark institutions 
that we have helped maintain, preserve, and restore over the years, something we are very proud of and grateful for.
Clients include churches, Schools, hospitals, libraries and many other charitable, nonprofit and Government agencies.

Institutional Facilities Managers, Please note: You can call anytime for a consultation regarding your building's needs. We will almost certainly have a local reference from someone you know and trust in the facilities management field.

See the photo gallery below for some very interesting shots of an environment unfamiliar to most.


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